A little bit of Q and A with Liberty London Girl…

 Being a Fashion Blogger isn’t an easy task, contrary to the belief’s of many cynics, we do work  extremely hard everyday doing what we do best. We post endless photos of newly bought wedges and vintage blouses, interview and feature fellow bloggers and industry insiders on our blogs, and analyse fashion trends, new and old, in an attempt to … Continue reading

Never seen a girl like you before…

I love when you’ve  been blogging for a while and you have that feeling that you now know your way around the fashion world, that your experience of fashion is vast and wide and your beginning to think you’ve seen it all, and then you come across something as wildly sexual and Hollywood’esque’ as this and … Continue reading

LOOK! a fashion show…

LOOK magazine has been gracing the shelves of newsagents, supermarkets and bedrooms for almost 3 years and has always openly been a pioneer for breaking barriers in the industry. First by being the first weekly women’s magazine surrounding the concept of beautiful high-street fashion and then by creating the first ever high-street fashion show to … Continue reading

Changing Room Confessions

I had a few hours before my shift today and felt that a little retail therapy would help relax me before the stresses of work hit home. I figured it was only fair that I share the secrets of my changing room experience with you all as the pieces I picked up were some of my … Continue reading

What a Bazaar garden party?

Long time actress Nicole Kidman takes all our previous less than fun notions about garden parties and turns them right on their head in this angelic editorial in prestigious fashion publication Harpers Bazaar’s February issue. It is bright, fun and with the help of a peaceful spring backdrop and Kidman dressed in lacy patterns, fresh, clean whites and reddy purple hues, is oozing with … Continue reading

I’ve never had a swedish summer…

The idea of a swedish summer for me is sweltering heat, endless serenity and beautiful landscapes and although the dreary British summer isn’t exactly what I’m guessing the creative directors at Topshop had in mind, I can still see their wonderful collection becoming a massively popular collection for everyone here and everywhere else this Spring/Summer! Be ready to bear witness to … Continue reading

It must be LOVE…

So, I found this and thought it may be of interest to you all. Although I’m not a fan of this cover, I appreciate that this sort of raw sex appeal is needed to sell the magazine and this issue which is based on androgyny in particular, so I won’t dispute it. It is what it … Continue reading


France has produced many things over the years, good wine, nice food and frizzy-haired model, Noémie Lenoir, who always used to get the pulses racing watching Marks and Spencers adverts but I now believe one of the best things to come out of France has to be Christian Louboutin, the major fashion designer and these … Continue reading

New Year, New Start, New MindSet!

Sometimes it’s difficult to be seen amongst millions of faces and you feel down, lost and suppressed. Well its time for a new start and new ways of thinking and what better way to begin than with addressing some issues many of us, especially those trying to break into the industry are dealing with alone … Continue reading

Healthy Competition Never Hurt Anyone…

Refinery29 is on a major hunt for the next big thing in blogging. I personally think I would do well to achieve fashion and style blogging as a career and would genuinely appreciate your support in this crazy blog eat blog world. SO, if you’re in a good mood, like my blog or just enjoy my witty rants and … Continue reading