These babies ain’t for dribbling…

I have noticed over this season that bibs are expanding their uses for more than just cleaning up babies unwanted fluids and mess. I was first introduced to these beautiful creations in LOOK magazine when I saw Olivia Palermo‘s quirky yet glamorous bib designs. At first I wasn’t so sure, but as I see more and more people indulging in this soon-to-be MAJOR fashion asset, I can see the light at the end of the embellished tunnel and now highly approve of these one of a kind accessories. They hold the potential to brighten up any drab tee or blouse and I especially see them glamming up a simple LBD for a night out. What I like with these bibs is that it isn’t JUST a necklace, you can buy a necklace and as amazing as it looks it will slide irritatingly beneath layers of garments or slide into awkward positions on your chest/neck making the necklace and usually yourself look a little … scattered, but bibs are these beautiful kind of regal pieces that flatter your neckline and add’s a substantial amount of sparkle to the upper half of your outfit.

ALSO, these new fandangles are not actually THAT pricey, I mean, yes, if you set out looking for a bib on Net-a-porter there is no doubt you’ll find yourself some pretty loud prices, but in general the high-street is going easy on us with some of my favorite bibs ranging from as low as £20. I am all for keeping tabs on the pennies…well, no I’m not, but if I were the type, I would still try to coerce you into going out and purchasing one of these beautiful items as I am now because I can feel it in my seems these bibs are truly on the brink of explosion and I can’t imagine anyone who would want to take cover.

Think of it as an investment into your fashionable future…



1.Mikey London at House of Fraser – £75
2. Treasure Box – £25
3.  Label Lab at House of Fraser – £30
4. Topshop – £35
5. Banana Republic – £30
6. French Connection – £20 (such a bargain)
7. Urban Outfitters – £38


 I especially love Fiona Paxton’s Embroidered Bibs. They are so elegant, her designs bold, with a slightly tribal essence to them. I love that she went that extra mile adding dynamic metal chains that compliment the contrasting tones of really beautiful colours. The prices range from around £95 upwards, as far as I can find, which I totally appreciate. The prices completely reflect the obvious time, effort and passion put into these designs whilst still being able to appeal to a wider, more middle class consumer. Best of both worlds!

I can’t get enough of Olivia’s bibs either. Olivia created a 5 piece bib necklace collection for designer Roberta Freymann, that I find posses a typically girly feel. Although they don’t  demand my attention as some of the others do, Olivia’s collection is quite sophisticated and what I do especially like about them is how they resemble actual cloth bibs rather than jewelled necklaces like most of the others do. Even though the price tags on these bibs range from about $315 – $518, (for you british folk who are mathematically challenged like myself, or just can’t be bothered to search for a converter that is roughly about £198 – £326) I’m thinking Olivia may have been aiming for a more casually dressed market in comparison to some of the other bibs I mentioned before, and if she wasn’t … she would probably do well to do so.

Olivia here sporting on of her bibs at the Tibi Fall 2010 presentation

One Response to “These babies ain’t for dribbling…”
  1. Kelly says:

    YES! I love it!! I really really want to make one!


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