I Heart Mulberry <3

British Fashion Award winning designer brand Mulberry has Spring/Summer 2011 collection that is memorizing, dynamic and exciting. I especially love how bold and glamorous some of their bags are, I’m use to understated clutches and casual-look satchels from Mulberry. However, this time round, they showcased their fancy new designs at New York Fashion week and set the standard for SS’11. Mulberry makes me want to swap food for fashion much like most accesories and clothes seem to do…




I love this bag/purse combo. It’s glamorous, cute and would add that sparkle to any simple ensemble. I’m thinking the perfect LBD, possibly a mini very minimalistic design and basic cuts with a substantial amount of leg cleavage and some very cute peeptoe heels or metallic courts.



This dress is beautiful. It’s floral print is more hippy-chic than vintage which is lovely as I think this past year, as much as I’ve loved it, we have all truly worn it out. I also love the length, it provides legs with beautiful exposure whilst keeping the ever-frustrating ‘hoochie’ alarm to a minimum. If it wasn’t for my gushing love for Mulberry’s accessories and this particular bag’s sparkle and beautiful design, I would have said the outfit outshined the bag!

I know this post is sort of  meant to be concentrating on Mulberrys’ unbelievable bag collection for S/S but if you’re all as fashion fixed as I am then I’m sure your eyes will also no doubt be straying carelessly to the immaculately styled outfits…well, for what it’s worth fashion works better when you can see the complete end vision, shoes, jewellery, dress and bag! Spring/Summer is clearly set to be a season for elaborate fashion that makes you want to spend every penny you have, great for the industry, not so good for my bank statement…


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