busy busy busy

So this past fortnight I think it’s been has been so crazy, hectic and busy I’ve had barely any time to myself to blog about it. Now I think is best a time as any to really get into whittling down my back log of posts I have waiting, so here goes!

I managed to get myself some invaluable work experience with the Evening Post here in Nottingham and have been following up contacts, interviewing people and writing pieces and articles, basically doing things I never thought I could do at this at this age. Although this experience came a little too late to put on my Personal Statement I have still managed to make some really important contacts and have even been published, well I’ll be PROPERLY published tomorrow in the EG Guide of the Evening Post. They put a section at the bottom of a piece about two new shops opening in the FH Mall in Nottingham called Blogger’s View which is ode to my opinion as a fashion blogger! How great is that? My name is also printed in it so I am so loving the feeling of being published!

I’ve also been working on a college project whereby I create my own fashion magazine involving the people around me and the knowledge I have on the industry.

I’ve decided to call the magazine Chic and have been looking at renowned fashion magazines such as LOOK, Vogue, Grazia and Glamour, trying to reflect their professionalism and quality, it’s been so much fun and I’ve created some parts that I feel I can share with you all. It’s just a work in progress at the moment, but it’s developing nicely. I can’t wait until the finish product is done!!

Hope you like!


One Response to “busy busy busy”
  1. Amanda says:

    Wow, looks great! Congrats honey 😀
    Amanda (petite-dejeuner.blogspot.com)

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