Snow Snow Snow

Well, as you may have noticed blogging has been scarce of late and I figured as I have been bed ridden most of today with an awful illness that I should make some form of attempt to blog and get my mind of my cold. I was browsing on ASOS…as you do, and found some … Continue reading


I went to interview Nottingham Designer Sarah Davenport of Davenport Shop of originality in the FH Mall. She moved in at the beginning of October and has been working with fashion designers across Nottingham to bring together all the creativity and talent that Nottingham has to offer under one roof. I found her shop refreshingly calm and the … Continue reading

Love it!

This Evan Biddell’s collection is all I could ever want in fashion. Edgy, unique and sexy designs with a quirky twist. This is a perfect mix of dark gothic designing and elaborate extroverted prints. Love it.


My first published press written by yours truly! I interviewed both Siobhan from Frocks and Rocks and Sarah from Davenport house of Originality and my quotes from those interviews were used by Katie one of the writers for the evening post. What’s in green is a panel by myself and even though it’s not saturated … Continue reading

busy busy busy

So this past fortnight I think it’s been has been so crazy, hectic and busy I’ve had barely any time to myself to blog about it. Now I think is best a time as any to really get into whittling down my back log of posts I have waiting, so here goes! I managed to … Continue reading