Fashion Strand

Evie on your left and Harriet on your right just so you can put faces to the names ;).



Fashion blogging is a concept that hasn’t been around for centuries but in the past few years millions of people have taken to it like a house on fire, two of which I’m lucky enough to know. Evie Hainsworth and Harriet Gibson created their blog Fashion Strand a mere 2 months ago and have already created an unmistakable presence on the internet with their exciting accounts of fashion events and catwalks and detailed interviews with the likes of George Lamb. Jealous yet… yes so am I!

I couldn’t help but to ask them both a few questions just to get to know the girls behind the blog and this is what I found out about the lovely ladies of Fashion Strand…


What would you say is the thing that draws so many people to blogging?


Being able to share things that you love and are inspired by. That’s what it’s about for us.

What made you start up fashion strand?
Summer. It was a convenient time; we’d done fashion related things before like sewing days but were never driven like we are with this.

How did you come up with the name?
We wanted a name which defined us. We played around with joining words, like ‘fashion’ and ‘style’ with ‘wire’ and ‘strand’, and ‘Fashionstrand’ kind of fell into place.

How long have you been blogging?
We’ve been blogging since August.

What would you say are the best things about being a fashion blogger?
The best thing about being a fashion blogger is going to all these crazy events. We’re always really excited about it all, meeting new people especially. And it’s just nice sharing these experiences; we’ve been friends for so long.

Who would you say are the best bloggers out there?

We love Gala Gonzales ( she gets up to really cool stuff, we love reading about it all, she always looks gorgeous too.

Use 5 words that truly describe your blog.
Present, fashionable, fresh, eventful and informative

Would you ever consider making a career out of this?
E: yes, all this is great experience, I was looking at fashion marketing but the blog has got me interested in fashion journalism.
H: I’m divided between fashion and acting, I don’t think I could choose so I’ll have to see what happens!

What advice would you give to people who are thinking of starting up their own blog?
You’re only going to get somewhere if you put in the work.

Fur coats or aviator jackets?

E: Both, they’re great to throw on for style and warmth.

H: Could not be without my vintage faux fur jacket

Pumps or Heels?

We both believe fashion is worth the pain. It’s got to be heels. Comfortable heels are best though…

Topshop or H&M?

E: H&M, it’s reasonably priced for glamorous staples.

H: I love Topshop for accessible high fashion, especially the Unique & Boutique ranges.

Designer or Vintage?

Both: That’s a tricky one, designer is great for inspiration and innovative garments, but then again we’re all influenced by fashion from the past.

I thoroughly enjoyed hearing more about Evie and Harriet and am so impressed by their blog that I would recommend you all to go onto and really take in the hard work and effort they’ve put into it. They are both such inspirations to anybody who wants to get up and do something or be someone. My advice to you is to take every opportunity you can and use it to your advantage much like these ladies because you never know which end of the rainbow you’ll end up!

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