Evening Post Baby!

After consistent determination and well put together articles and emails I have finally managed to secure some work experience in industry before I start University. Granted it’s only two days, but it is sure to be one of the most exciting and fulfilling two days of my life. I’ll be shadowing one of the editors who is in charge of the Entertainment Guide called Simon Wilson, I totally googled him and it seems he was a host on Strictly Come Dancing! Lets hope I don’t get a little star struck!!

I was also asked to do a write-up for the I Love Hockley fashion show but am gutted to report that I was unable to attend to due to ‘age restrictions’. To be fair if I wasn’t writing for such a public body I wouldn’t really be fussed about the age thing, I’m not going to get wasted I’m going to do what journalist do and get the metaphoric SCOOP but nevertheless I can still get my write-up alongside the Evening Post‘s photographers photo’s of the night. All I have to do is interview several different people and get their info about the event, the night and find out about the future of Hockley fashion and put them all together in a nice neat 300 word article by tomorrow! The worst thing is I cannot complain, maybe it is a bit of a bummer that I couldn’t go to the fashion show but to be honest I wouldn’t want to go anyway and jeopardise my place at the evening post and ruin my repor with the editors who are being so supportive.

It would just be a slap in the face really, plus if there are any problems due to being a few months off 18 I’ll get myself in some trouble anyway, so it’s best I blog at home and take one for the team this  time!

Regardless I still get to write about the event for the evening post and am absolutely ecstatic to have been allowed to go in for a couple of days for some work experience so all in all it’s been a pretty eventful day. Well other than my shambles of an open day…but thats a totally different post all together!


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