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Whilst scanning Topshop‘s online HAVEN I noticed the VAST number of clicks I had actually made and thought why not share my clicks with you guys!

What? Peter Pan Swing Lace Dress
How much? £45
My Rating 8/10 – I love this dress. The lace is light and the colour is so dynamic that it really does it justice. However, even though this baby-doll dress is cute and considering my ‘lengthily’ legs I’m sure I’d look the part, the winds are getting stronger and I am going to have to just put my hands up and say I’m a little uncomfortable with the potential flashing of my ‘vitals’ in the upcoming windy months. Maybe this would have to get bought and put down for AW10, until spring at the very least!

What? Treasure V Elastic Pumps
How much? £15
My Rating, 9ish/10 – These pumps are perfect for any and everything. I could see me just rolling around in my house in them, figuratively speaking of course. They have a really subtle rose colour which means they are neutral and will go with literally any and everything I conjure up. So why aren’t they graded full marks you ask, well, if I’m honest these types of clothy flats always seem to ware away way to quickly for my liking. I need a sturdy, hard-wearing shoe that can keep up with my busy lifestyle, I’m always walking around, sometimes even running depending on how late I attempt to catch my bus so my shoes need to really be ready for that. These pumps, as cute as they are, are only useful to me when I’m going to see a film, or something else easy and leisurely or else they’ll just wear down superfast and will be of no use to anybody but the four-legged biting machine that I harbour in my home.

What? Tux Shoulder Pad Jumpsuit
How much? £65
My Rating, 7/10 – I’m a huge fan of jumpsuits. Unlike greasy Jerry curls and funny looking moustaches,  jumpsuits are one of the better creations from the 1980’s and I’ve always loved the way you can look hot whilst being covered up head to toe. The most scandalous things on show would have to be your arms, how WILD are we! Nevertheless, I do have my doubts about this jumpsuit in particular. I appreciate its simplistic features but I have to say maybe minimalist isn’t the way to go on this one. I would have liked to see a bit of colour, just something to break up the black flooding the entire thing. Although, I guess I could put my own mark on it, maybe a red belt or some bright green shoes? I could even jazz it up with some funky 80’s accessories and make this whole outfit a real ‘blast from the past’, but as fun as that sounds, for £65 I just feel like they should really do that for me…no?

What? Jemima Plain Kitten Points
How much? £55
My Rating, 10/10 – FINALLY. Something gained much deserved full marks! I really love this little kitten heels. I’ve not always been a fan as I’ve always grown up seeing women around me rocking the highest skyscrapers and rocking them very well may I add. However, I have lately been developing a very mature style where I really couldn’t care less who’s wearing killer heels because I’m different to them and what will look good on one person will almost 95% of the time look totally different on another, very often worse. Plus, I’m a solid 5 ft 8 (height of course) so I don’t particularly need to be scouting out the highest heels in the shop, I am a self-proclaimed comfort whore so these little kitten heels will do me just fine thankyou!

2 Responses to “Recently Viewed…”
  1. natraeb says:

    Completely coveting that jumpsuit as well. I was happy to come across your blog! 🙂


  2. Hollieeeee says:

    i have the dress but its in white!
    LOVING it in red but i completely agree about the wind situation! :p

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