Lidl couture?

So whilst shopping for my weekly grub at the german superstore lidl, I revealed the WEIRDEST concept, lidl fashion! Why I was so shocked I really don’t know, supermarket style is nothing new. Tesco has claimed the brand Florence and Fred or better known as F&F, Asda has the age-old brand George (Classic) and even Sainsbury’s has jumped on board with their newest brand TuClothing, but they are all what I would refer to as mainstream supermarkets. Lidl hasn’t exactly gone as far as to have created their own fashion line but they do have a range of clothes and boots, some of which are quite flattering and for both men and women.

I couldn’t help but to take some snaps, avoiding all the confused and annoyed customers in the process! I was so intrigued by the concept of lidl’s clothes that I couldn’t stop myself and to be honest, what could be better than picking up your milk, eggs and bread with a new pair of  boots?

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