fashion anyone?

Thought as much ūüėČ Another fashion highlight from an average college day and Chloe¬†looking¬† more than average…again :)! I love this grunge glamour look, ive been seeing it constantly splashed across magazine editorials and i¬†think its a¬†really chic way to dress. Maxi skirts slouch jumpers or printed tee’s make this look a definite¬†up and comer … Continue reading

Evening Post Baby!

After consistent determination and well put together articles and emails I have finally managed to secure some work experience¬†in industry before I start University. Granted it’s only two days, but it is sure to be one of the most exciting and fulfilling two days of my life. I’ll be shadowing one of the editors who … Continue reading

Fashion Strand

Evie on your left and Harriet on your right just so you can put faces to the names ;). ¬† ¬† Fashion blogging¬†is a concept that hasn‚Äôt been around for centuries but in the past few years millions of people have taken to it like a house on fire, two of which I‚Äôm lucky enough … Continue reading

gig gig gig

I managed to spend tonight feeling seriously cool and more like a student than ever before at The Maze bopping my head to what the band¬†that’s yet to be named called energetic, versatile new take on acoustic sound. The band consists of three members, Tom, Chris, Jack all fairly bubbly and clearly a tight knit … Continue reading


I have this new found¬†love for the silverscreen and old fashion from watching the films of fashion icon Audrey Hepburn. I decided to base my film studies project on the importance of fashion and costume design in the films of Audrey Hepburn and I couldn’t be happier. The most recent film I watched of hers … Continue reading

Not a Fashion Show

Nottingham has been home to countless designers, models, tailors, and artists for centuries, yet sadly only a select few actually get the recognition and praise they much deserve‚Ķuntil now. Thursday afternoon, creative minds from all over Nottingham and beyond came together to support, enjoy and inspire the talent that this city has to offer. Not … Continue reading

Recently Viewed…

Whilst scanning Topshop‘s online HAVEN I noticed the VAST number of clicks I had actually made and thought why not share my clicks with you guys! What? Peter Pan Swing Lace Dress How much? ¬£45 My Rating 8/10 – I love this dress. The lace is light and the colour¬†is so dynamic that it really … Continue reading

Lidl couture?

So whilst shopping for my weekly grub at the german superstore¬†lidl, I revealed the WEIRDEST concept, lidl¬†fashion! Why I was so shocked I really don’t know, supermarket¬†style is nothing new. Tesco¬†has claimed the brand Florence¬†and Fred or better known as F&F, Asda¬†has the age-old¬†brand George (Classic) and even Sainsbury’s¬†has jumped on board with their newest … Continue reading

fashion highlights

Another stylish member of my college community was curious enough to let me take some pretty A class photo’s of her outfit today. I loved her ring, it was so cute and I enjoyed our little debate over it’s species…Accessorize claims it to be a rabbit but me and Emma are actually CONVINCED it’s a … Continue reading