So lately as you may have noticed blogging has been fairly scarce on collegegirl-chic.blogspot.com and my wordpress blog has been flooded with my day-to-day posts. You may wonder why this is, and not to mess you about but I’m thinking maybe it best to stick to wordpress. I am finding very little difference between the two blog domains and to be totally honest with you, I am not too happy about potentially losing all my followers…

It’s difficult giving out my wordpress blog address to so many people and have so many people read it and recognise it, only to have to change it randomly on a whim and be forced to alert all those who may or may not have discovered my blogspot blog on their own, so much hard work!

All I know is it’s the content of a blog that makes it what it is not the blog name or website, if people want to read what I have to say they’ll find me and read. I just have to accept that every website has differences and each have their pro’s and con’s, I need to weigh them up and stay focused on the ‘goal’, (the goal being to be happy in my blogging).

Soooo, we can all release our breaths and relax, although I’m guessing nobody’s breath was held in the first place. I’m not going anywhere 😉



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