more kg for me!

Today whilst trawling through town on my way home from college I stumbled, more ran, into Topshop only to be to utterly stunned and shocked by the beauty of what had once been a pretty boring looking area blocked off by cardboard. Little did I know that behind this cardboard would sit the new reason I’d be broke every month, Kurt Geiger has been integrated into Topshop in Nottingham and I couldn’t be happier for it. Although KG shoes are ever so slightly pushing my price range, can you really put a price on ever lasting beauty?

Topshop is the perfect place to harbour Kurt Geiger’s range of shoes. They’re stylish, sopisticated, edgey and some are so cute and quaint they make me feel like I’ve just stepped into a fairy tale, I’m talking bows, glitter, kitten heels the real deal. Topshop is just, in my opinion, the best place for KG, it’s a unique outlet for everything quirky that fashion has to offer.

I took a few pics on my new iPhone 4 and although the focus is on the amazing shoes…check out the camera quality!!


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