Fashion Finally Embraces Full Figures!

New York Fashion week has pleasantly surprised us all by finally exposing fuller figured women on this years runways and catwalks. American fashion company has made the bold decision to showcase lines for the likes of Tocarra Jones, a unique product of ANTM (America‘s Next Top Model for those of you who have been living in a whole for almost a decade) and Lizzie Miller a beautiful plus-size model who has been an inspirational figure for larger women across the globe ever since her iconic Glamour magazine shoot where she proudly bore her body and all its natural curves. I’m so glad that curvaceous women are able to hold their own in an industry where physical appearance is always under an unforgiving magnifying glass. Me thinks that maybe now fashion can start being about the actual fashion again, elegant couture, creative designs and bold statement pieces rather than all about the people who wear them.


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