H! by Henry Holland !

Yes you heard me Henry Holland, now although all you up to date bloggers and readers may have already known about Henry Hollands clothing line I sadly DID NOT! Major shocker, I know. I only knew dear Henry from Frock Me on T4, loved it and he always had this really quirky style that just worked for him ! So imagine my major surprise when I discover he actually has his own line of clothes, and they aren’t boring, they are crazy and colourful and packing up my wardrobe as we speak. Before this post I was hard at work on another wish list but more for winter and had to backtrack after a day out shopping with my mum in Debenenhams…I didn’t think Debenhams is really the PERFECT place for his amazing collection of shiny loafers, padded purple jackets that looked like they’d been ripped out of an 80’s movie and funky patchwork hi-tops, I mean his concession was surrounded by Jane Norman, Wallis, Oasis, but I found it so I suppose I’m talking crap!!

Regardless of where it is, H! by Holland crazy as some of the designs are is brilliant, now i may be a tiiiny bit biased due to my previous liking of him but I wouldn’t buy his clothes if they weren’t as wonderful as they are. I may like the guy and his fashion sense but I’m not blind! So go forth and find H! by Holland in all it’s glory, at the moment I believe it’s in Debenhams and Selfridges dont know of anymore, if you do let me know, otherwise shop shop shop in the House of Holland! 🙂


 Sneek Peek, Thanks Grazia!


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