fashion highlights

Today was a fairly long and tiring day. I had lessons from about 8.50 am until 4.10 pm, yes, very precise. Regardless of my tired aching feet I still trekked it up to the Art Department to find my fashionable friend who I photographed yesterday for my no ordinary outfit post. Today she looked lovely yet … Continue reading

it may be cold outside…

It may be cold outside, winter approaching, rain beating angrily on my window but inside…thats a totally different story… In my home is the hope of a new, exciting and hopefully HOT summer next year and whilst i’ve been in such good spirits I have also been cleverly seeking out new trends for spring/summer 2011 and am … Continue reading


One of those niggly things about blogging is when you have high views on your blog and comments etc so, you know people are reading it, and they don’t subscribe?!?!? It baffles me, I conjured up two possible options for this. 1. They do not know how and in that case all they would have … Continue reading


So lately as you may have noticed blogging has been fairly scarce on and my wordpress blog has been flooded with my day-to-day posts. You may wonder why this is, and not to mess you about but I’m thinking maybe it best to stick to wordpress. I am finding very little difference between the two blog … Continue reading

no ordinary outfit post

So, I have this friend who dresses like she’s on the catwalk just about every day, it’s phenomenal. She never seems to have an off day fashion wise, so I felt that I should congratulate her on her efforts by doing an outfit post that wasn’t all about hailing my attire but celebrating hers! Leather … Continue reading

what i wore…yesterday

So here’s yesterdays outfit…lame, i know, but it turns out that when I was sat in bed ready to blog my body was ready to sleep, hence the lack of posts yesterday. However, that is not to say I didn’t have my outfit post ready. My iPhone camera didn’t impress me at night but I still love it … Continue reading

spring lace?

Whilst we mourn the loss of our british summer, wave goodbye to golden tans, gladiator sandals and the beloved holiday countdowns and begin to embrace our camel coats, knee-length boots and cosy winter beret’s, it seems down under their fashion is a more summery affair. This October’s issue of Vogue Australia is shot by Nicole Bentley and exposes lace in … Continue reading

more kg for me!

Today whilst trawling through town on my way home from college I stumbled, more ran, into Topshop only to be to utterly stunned and shocked by the beauty of what had once been a pretty boring looking area blocked off by cardboard. Little did I know that behind this cardboard would sit the new reason I’d be broke … Continue reading


lately my internet has been extremely faulty and a little too some time-ish which has really pushed me to the edge. I never realised the extent to which I used the internet until it was a mere click away. This whole concept of our ridiculously close connection with the internet among other technology had me wondering … Continue reading

I’ve Moved!

I’m sad to say that I’ll be moving from WordPress to Blogspot. After a good few months WordPress has broken me into the world of fashion blogging and provided me with a really brilliant blogging experience but now I find it time to move onto better prospects…onto blogspot. I can do more with my templates and to … Continue reading