Just An Average Day At Work…

Seeing as work has forced me to be away from my beloved blogging I thought why not incorporate some of my work life into my blogging?!?!

Sleevless Denim Jacket – Vintage

Tee – Dorothy Perkins (Are you really that shocked)

Dark Indigo Super Skinny Jeans – Dorothy Perkins (Shock!)

See-through Jelly Peep-Toe flats – Miss Selfridge (Love Them)

I took this photo of my work outfit, and had this crazy idea that we should get everybody’s work outfits on here! Everybody from receptionists to sales advisors, I wanna see your outfits. You never really think about what people wear to work but I mean, lately I have spent like 75% of my time at work so I’ve been wearing ‘work clothes‘ much more than my casual attire and I feel that for those full-timers they probably only really wear the ‘good stuff’ on evenings or weekends! So, we can safely say that what we wear to work is definitely a big deal so why not share it!

Send your work outfits with your name, the name of your place of work, and a little about your look to college.girl. Also if you have a blog pop your blogs name in there and I’ll happily post it alongside your outfit post, plus it’ll get you some pretty hefty traffic whilst showing off your ‘professional’ side ;).

Can’t wait to see them!


One Response to “Just An Average Day At Work…”
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