Live, Love Leopard…

A trend that will no doubt be crawling into everybody’s wardrobes this season will be leopard print. I have always loved animal print, there’s just something about it. I feel in tune with my primal side I guess, weird… I know and I feel really empowered, especially in Leopard print, always been a personal favourite. I can safely say that I have always had a little twinge of delight when prints come back in fashion, as if they ever REALLY left, and I couldn’t tell you how many shops I have totally raided in the hopes of finding a vintage, pretty or sexy bag or shoe or shamefully revealing dress bathed in beautiful black spots. Due to my caramel complexion, (I’m bigging it up a bit, it’s really just light brown) the contrast of the orangey auburn tones I tend to find in Leopard print works well against my skin tone, another reason I couldn’t live without Leopard. I’ve chosen a few items that would really heat up the icy blizzard winter we’re sadly all expecting and convert any non-believer to totally print-obsessed, like moi!











River Island

Brown Sheer Animal Print Blouse









 Vivienne Westwood

Leopard Print Bag










Crop Faux Fur Leopard Coat









DIVA Leopard Wellies








River Island

Black and Leopard Print Panelled Pencil Skirt


4 Responses to “Live, Love Leopard…”
  1. Ruju says:

    V.impressed by your blogging skills, pretty laddyy!
    I dig animal prints too, it reminds me of Kesha. 🙂

    Looovveee yooouu xoxo

  2. John Smith says:

    I dislike leopard print tbh. seems quite naff and tacky despite the style in use. i cant really see it catching on

  3. @Ruju I know I really love them, and It does really remind me of Kesha actually … blog post!

    @John, it isnt for everyone I’ll admit but It’s becoming very popular, Topshop cannot get enough of it!


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