Are Hi Tops just Hip Hop?

Me being the type of person to not conform to specific fashion labels has led me to consider the concept of the merge of different fashions and trends. Half the time, we as ‘consumers’ don’t even realise when we’re buying an item of clothing that’s not intentionally directed at our stereotype or demographic. The other day I saw one of the most stylish women I have possibly ever seen in the most amazing Hi-tops. She was a very pretty, and easily mid 40’s and although she was clearly not the target audience for those Hi-tops, she was rocking them like she’d just bopped out of one of  Snoop Dog’s RnB video’s.

Since then a revelation dawned upon me. Are Hi-tops just Hip Hop? I came to the conclusion that no, I don’t believe they are and clearly neither did that elegant and mature woman strutting her stuff in them. All fashion generates from somewhere or someone, in this case I think we can safely say that this retro trend has developed from the Hip-Hop era of G’ed up fly girls and baggy jeaned bad boys but much like all fashion it has evolved and become something more than that.

Hi-tops have made a serious come back and are for pretty much anyone who wants a more comfy option that still provides an outfit with a refreshingly cool edge. Leighton Meester and Pixie Lott are amongst so many discovering there’s more to fashion than cat heels and couture. Designers and major fashion houses are also hopping aboard the 80’s revival bandwagon designing some really amazing trainers that prove that this urban style will be setting up camp in high-end fashion shops and runways.

Some personal faves of mine…






Kanye Wests Louis Vuitton Edition Hi-Tops











 Black Louis Vuitton Hi-Tops












Dior Homme Neutral Hi-Tops











 Wonder Woman Edition Reebok Hi-Tops  ( L O V E T H E M )



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