Good Girls Gone Bad…

For years the media has IDOLIZED the ‘good girl’, the typical ‘virginal’ beauty and the ever popular ‘girl next door’ and I have been bored out of my MIND. If dear Britney has proved anything to us all it’s that we all have a little dark inside of us and of late young female rebellion has been rife on our television screens and most importantly in almost every glossy page of fashion magazines. Strangely enough, I like the quirky, half-nude fashion, the gothic makeup and the coveted ‘i don’t wash’ rocker image that young celebs have began to adopt over the years. The question lingering in my mind being, how on EARTH do these fashion-crazy females manage to make being bad look so damn good…

Taylour Momsen rocking shocking pink and jet black leather proving that Gossip Girl’s are a little darker than they seem…

Rihanna sporting a navy blue and hot pink polka dot corset with baggy hareem jeans, (although the picture cuts them out), exposing two of her coveted assets in the process!

Peaches goes hippy in this laid back look rocking shades worthy of a diva and enhancing her overall cool.

Daisey Lowe has always been a bit of a loose cannon but in this sexy outfit showing off her toned stomach I have to say the mouthy model shows a sweeter side to her usual indie sense of fashion.

2 Responses to “Good Girls Gone Bad…”
  1. Kelly says:

    Thats actually a decent picture of TMoms. But usually she looks a hot mess. And I love Daisy Lowe!!


  2. rachelmichaella says:

    Definately see what you’re saying. I think being too polished and girly can get boring. I’m all for a little bit of ‘rocker’ image here and there – keeps things interesting!

    Rachel x

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