College Girl’s A/W ’10 Look Book

According to Wikipedia a LookBook is a ‘collection of photographs compiled to show off a model, a photographer, a style, or a clothing line’ but I find them to be more than that. A LookBook is a way to express something that can’t be described in words or dialogue. Simply describing a style or trend only touches the tip of the visual iceberg, we cannot base everything on pure imagination and descriptive terms, we need vibrant imagery and exciting photography that make bold fashion statements… we need LookBooks. A LookBook can expose creative and unique designs to any designer, editor or member of the ‘industry’ without even a whisper of an utterance. I find that’s the real beauty of fashion, it speaks for itself. 

I’ve scouted the world-wide web with my fashion goggles on tight to create a compilation of designs, trends and catwalk couture that will be populating our coming autumn/winter months. The idea of my LookBook is not to copy, steal or duplicate trends we have all spotted or seen before, but to take them all and create a place where we can all compare, enjoy and marvel the wonders of fashion together. Enjoy!


Lace has been evident just about everywhere this season. It’s light, graceful and creates the essence of sensuality whenever worn, yet ponder the idea of lace in the winter. The perfect transitional trend, perfect in the summer sun and a feminine undergarment in the wintry chill of the upcoming months.

Burberry Prorsum, RTW (Ready To Wear) AW ’10

Amidst metal military buckles and heavy Aviator Jackets, hides the Sargent with a more feminine take on war. Burberry captured the contrast of elegant lace with the masculine military and created a look that will spread like wildfire over the coming icy months.                                                                  













Lanvin, RTW (Ready To Wear) AW ’10

Surrounded by body-hugging black and bold winter coats she stands strong against the rest in elegantly provocactive lace.














Prada RTW (Ready To Wear) AW ’10

In a collection ode to the beauty of the natural female form what better way to expose a womans femininity but through the subtle wonders of lace?














Fur is the controversial fashion statement we all love to hate. I have to say this autumn/winter trend takes glamour to extraordinary heights and is heavily flooding every catwalk, showroom and high street shop for A/W 2010. Looking at these images made me feel a strong sense of nostalgia, the designs a modern reflection of 50’s Hollywood Glamour and Red Carpet Couture and I’m loving everything I see.



Chanel RTW (Ready To Wear) AW ’10

Here stands a woman, her strength laying within her coat of fur, blocking out all cold and harboring the warmth.This AW collection pushes the limits of RTW with aspects reminiscent of Couture trickling down into the elaborate fake fur designs.














Micheal Kors RTW (Ready To Wear) AW ’10

In contrast to icy Chanel furs we have warm camel colours that expose the ‘Mountain Woman’ in all her glory. Strength within herself, fur a mere expendable accessory and money, men and fashion all at her fingertips.













Dolce & Gabbana RTW (Ready To Wear) AW ’10

A woman who lives for more than just fur. A coat doesn’t need to revolve around the luxury of fur to be warm or fashionable. Welcome to a  more practical option for the stylish city girl and the busy working woman.












The rivival of Velvet has been a long time coming and has hit this years catwalk harder than anybody could have expected. Think modern goth styled with dark tones of red, purple and all favourite black and you have this trend down for autumn/winter 2010. It’s not for everyone but doesn’t that make it so much more attractive?

Dolce and Gabbana RTW (Ready To Wear) AW ’10

Snow, hail and wind couldn’t stop this sexy velvet crossover from making an appearance. The contrast of maroon with paleness of this models skin creates a hauntingly effortless look.













Marc Jacobs RTW
(Ready To Wear) AW ’10

As if plucked from a dream she glides down the catwalk drenched in luxurious fabrics and choked in champagne stained fur. A look not every woman could pull off, but one that hides secretly in our wardrobes until our confidence matches our velvet aspirations.












Chanel RTW (Ready To Wear) AW ’10

Velvet acts as an addition more than a statement piece in this look. An  over saturation of Velvet has the power to do more harm than good yet due to the gothic black shades, it creates an intensity that compensates for the minimal amount of Velvet meaning Chanel’s restraint has empowered the trend rather than exploited it.











Leather has always been a popular choice when styling looks for A/W. 2010 takes it a step further and exposes designs lined with expensive material and innovative creativity from the best in the business. Witness the return of leather, here to keep us all stylish and unbelievably warm throughout the potential winter blizzards and snow storms.


Burberry Prorsum RTW (Ready To Wear) AW ’10

With everybody raving on about Christopher Bailey’s now iconic Aviator Jacket, brown leather, silver buckles and off – cream sheepskin, dazzling as it is, I find he is to thank for something else just as amazing. Quilted leather, jet black fur and just as brilliant as the typical Aviator, this Burberry Prorsum creation is perfect for the woman with an eye for fashion and  place to be.









Micheal Kors RTW (Ready To Wear) AW ’10

When we say leather we think clean, cut and shiny but what happens when a designer scraps that stereotype and in its place displays something rustic, grungy and rough to the touch? Micheal Kors has done that exact thing, putting his stressed leather mac on centre stage on the catwalk. Me thinks dear Christopher has some serious competition this season…











Akris RTW (Ready To Wear) AW ’10

This plum leather dress is understated and tailored to fit the slimmer female frame. Rather than creating the oh so popular leather jacket Akris has found their niche in this minimalistic dress design. With futuristic hints this simply styled look is directed at the women of today, it praises their mature sense of style whilst emphasising their inner androgyny in the most feminine way possible. Where Akris is concerned girly trends are so last season…









By the looks of these autumn/winter trends we will be in for an intriguing season of creative flare and styles reminiscent of past years revived with bold, modern twists. A/W 2010 will be a designer’s playground and I for one will be queueing around the corner to join in the games!

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  1. Sarah says:

    This is such a great post!! I definitely love the velvet trend!


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