Puppy Couture

From the day I got my little dog Saffron I knew I wasn’t into the whole puppy clothes thing. Yes, some pups look adorable in their little coats and tees but it’s not for Saffron, she’s a hippy dog, wild and free!

Saffron, the most amazing dog in the world.

Yet, how is it when I discover the concept of Puppy Couture I can’t stop picturing my pooch in Juicy Couture and other designer brands rivalling the likes of Tinkerbell!?!?! I came across a beautiful website that encouraged puppies to dress their best, www.poshpuppyboutique.com, some costumes were a little unorthodox but still cute, although I’m not sure all the poor puppy models really would agree.

This lady knows her good side, work it!

Juicy Couture eat your heart out!



Take a peek at the website and have a guilt free chuckle at some of the crazy costumes that they think are suitable for our dogs! Trust me, if nothing else it’ll make you smile !


One Response to “Puppy Couture”
  1. Bansi says:

    Oh my gawdd! This is like Legally Blonde epitomised. Ruju and I saw a puppy boutiquie in Camden Town! It’s all the rage. Although, I beg you leave Saffron to her wild and free hippy ways. =) xx

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