We Heart Diana!

From her first audition on The X-Factor Diana Vickers has tugged on Britains heart-strings with her enchantingly beautiful vocals. Although she failed to win the show, Diana has gone on to release numerous singles and put together amazingly quirky and feminine outfits at every event, awards ceremony and even out and about in LDN. Her developing fashion sense has been as successful as her music, always young, fresh and funky with the power to make audiences swoon. Vickers has a defined style and rocked every red carpet since she sprung into the spotlight a mere 2 years ago and between you and me, things can only get better 😉

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5 Responses to “We Heart Diana!”
  1. WardrobeWars says:

    We have always loved her style – on and off the show. She wears clothes that are accessible to girls her age eg Topshop and other high street stores and has not gone crazy with designer items! Love her music and her clothes – we look forward to more!
    Greetings from Ireland
    Fifi & Niamh
    http://www.thewardrobewars.blogspot.com – take a look if you get a chance, we’d really love your feedback – follow if you like what you see.

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