After the success of my Real or Replica post I decided to make it a regular thing to post my IFB polls on my blog. It gets everybody involved and people can see their comments pride and place on CollegeGirl93 :). My next poll was about whether people preferred Print Publications or the magazines internet counterparts.

I have always been a fan of magazines I can get my hands around. I like the feel of a heavy fashion bible in all it’s glory weighing down in my palms and that is just how I am. Each magazine I buy, bar the cheap Tv Guides wafting around my house, is a collectors item, each one as important as the last. That feeling of ownership and pride doesn’t arise when I’m clicking around the visually pleasing but still unsatisfying fashion websites. I discovered that I wasn’t the only person to feel this way and that I’m slightly forgetful when it comes to putting poll options …

The poll resulted in the majority of votes going to PRINT! I was overjoyed! Although I stupidly forgot to give the option of BOTH, I knew I wouldnt be alone in my opinions. Here are some of the comments from the bloggers who participated my IFB Poll:

For me, although I’m all for the developing technologies of the world, I find there is nothing like the feel of a print publication weighing down in my two hands. Every magazine is heavy in its fashion knowledge and style and professional and creative in its layout and designs. I’ll always be a true believer in the ‘old-school’ method in this case but that’s just me ! – Anonymous

I love the feel, even though I look at the websites, I can’t get enough of the feeling! – Anonymous

Both! There’s no ‘both’ option on the poll! I love my magazines, but I rely heavily on the internet as well to see what ‘real people’ are wearing. – Anonymous

I agree with ***! I love both, but i like magazines because I love saving the pictures – Anonymous

I love holding on to my mags too! You can use the pictures to create great inspiration boards for each season! – Anonymous

These results were not totally unpredictable. However, as we all move into the world of Media 2.0 we have to accept that print magazines are having to work a little harder to keep themselves above water. Thankfully because of this wonderful poll I feel there is still hope for the glossy magazines of the world as us fashion fixed females, and males ;), still would prefer to flick through than log on.

To get involved in this poll or any others on IFB Network then register on and get your opinions out heard.


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