Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2010

recently discovered Comsopolitan’s Blog Awards and as I have been working my butt off to get this blog off the ground I feel it wouldn’t be a crime to try to scoop up as many nominations as I possibly can. It’s for newbie bloggers like myself and I would really appreciate everybodies votes and nominations as … Continue reading

Topshop Heart’s Faux Fur!

I am a strong believer in the power of the Brand Name. If Topshop stocked up on millions of leather jackets, is it even worth questioning how many BILLIONS of females would rush in and grab themselves some leather? So when I found this sleeveless ‘Gilet’ I was torn between love and despair. Love for this beautiful … Continue reading


On my fashion blogging travels I discovered a blog called Raw Materals,  , which is a brand building agency. Whilst looking through their fashion section I found this amazing website called Closetbox. It concentrates on the more expensive of fashion with ebay-esque features that make it easily accessible to all! I had a sneak peek and although not everything tickled my … Continue reading

Me Love Miu Miu <3

Miu Miu’s Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection is reminiscent of a dream. Regalia purples, Parisian essences and futuristic latex made my Miu Miu heart melt. This collection makes a statement. It is truly for the woman who, quote, ‘can’t be defined’, and I totally agree. Fashion is a subjective art form where designers have free reign over their creative ideas and choices, … Continue reading

We heart Eliza!

Eliza Doolittle has broken through into the music industry and has enchanted us all with her beautiful vocals. I have loved this Londoners style from the day T4 first introduced me to her. I find her innocently edgy look refreshing. With everybody trying to be hardcore, hip and half-naked, here stands a woman who’s plays with girly pastel colours … Continue reading