Real or Replica?

After recently joining the IFB Network, (Independent Fashion Bloggers) I found myself wanting to create a poll. What better way to grab the attention of my fellow bloggers whilst discovering new facts about fashion that I couldn’t just Google in my spare time!

I thought about all the things that I would feel obliged to comment on if asked, my mind ran through the fashion most common issue, Size 0, to possibly its least which is when I came up with designers and their fake counterparts…

Whilst reading through a Pigeons and Peacocks magazine, I believe it was Issue 2, I stumbled across a very interesting article discussing the option of a fake designer bag. It dawned on me that, although I had never indulged in the luxury that is Chanel or Louis Vuitton I still always had an urge to one day blow all my wage on that one amazing item, up until recently. I found that a designer bag is a designer bag whether is Valentino or Valentano, (Valentano being fake name I conjured up that sounded pretty comical), they are both designers, one being more renowned and original than the other of course. So I used this notion of Real or Replica for my very first poll, and the results I received were intriguing, different and very truthful, one in particular made me reassess my own opinions…

7 out of 8 bloggers on my IFB Poll voted Real and although I was the lonely number one who voted replica, I will be honest and say my opinions have changed since reading these comments:

Most people I know are against them, I tolerate them as long as the person who has it doesn’t brag that it’s real. It’s the arrogance that kills me – Anonymous

I think it’s a hypocratic fashion issue. Retailers like Primark will successfully recreate looks and trends from the High Street like Topshop and H&M and all shoppers rich and poor feel no way indulging themselves. However, when Chanel creates a pretty basic quilted bag, it’s suddenly frowned upon for other designers to imitate the design…

Personally, they don’t bother me. Half the time people can’t tell the difference. I have recently been given a Tiffany Charm bracelet, now god knows whether it’s genuine or a replica but each person I’ve shown has been totally baffled!

What I will say is that I don’t dispute that having the original may make a difference but really I find it to be a status thing more than a passion or designer goods… only you will know how much was spent on that one bag so I guess we all have to just way up the pro’s and cons!! – Anonymous

I think that if someone is trying to profit off of someone elses brand there’s a problem. Copies are done all the time on clothing but there are strict rules not to make fake bags that have the same name on them to try and pass as real. There have been designers who have sued other designers for making replicas that were similar to there designs. – Anonymous

I’d totally go for real ones, and i can’t agree more with *****.

people who brag about their replicas being real are the real killers 😉 – Anonymous

I have mixed feelings. I’d stick to the real ones , but some people can’t afford an $1000 bag, and should be able to buy bags that are similar to the real deals to feel good! I also agree with you guys that I hate when people try and get so much attention by showing off their “real” designer bag when everyone around them knows it is fake! What’s that about?! – Anonymous

I’m inclined to think that the notion of the “status” bag is inherently problematic and that buying copies only inflates sometimes undeserved prestige. There are so many wonderful bags available at lower price points that are far more unique than designer copies – often it just takes a little bit of patience and strategic hunting to find something really great that one can love for all the right reasons (eg, not trendiness or perceived envy-inducement).
Most of all though are the major ethical issues associated with the production of fakes (CNBC is airing a major piece on this called Crime Inc: Counterfeit Goods this evening that’s worth looking at).
Basically I think that before a person buys a copy they really need to do their research on the production of fakes, and also ask themselves why they want this imitation so much. –

I go for the real. If  I can’t afford a real one, then I do without or get one that i like within my budget. – Anonymous

I’m intrigued *****, I see where your coming from. When were on a shopping rampage spending hundreds and hundreds of pounds or dollars etc, we never really think of where the items are coming from. I watched a documentary on Primark. It went into depth about where the clothes come from and the poor conditions the people making the clothes are in. Although I was disgusted I wasn’t entirely shocked. Considering the good quality of Primarks clothes, and the cheap prices they’re being sold at, it isn’t that big a shock to find out that the people creating these clothes are getting paid very little.

Strangely enough I didn’t take copies into deep thought, and I feel like I really should have done my research because inevitably, copies aren’t just about having a ‘knock off’ Chanel or Balenciaga bag, it’s about where the bag is coming from, who is actually making them and whether we as the consumers feel comfortable buying these accessories taking all of the above into consideration… – Anonymous

Real or Replica was both a success and a learning curve for me. I didn’t expect the vast range of genuine comments and responses that I received and was happy to hear all points of views. At the end of the day it’s a personal matter, whether you have the money to spend on the ‘real thing’, or you don’t, whether you do care about workers in poverty or sadly if you don’t. The success of Designer bags both real and fake depend on the consumer, so if people keep buying then they’ll keep making!

To get involved in this poll or any others on IFB Network then register on and get your opinions out heard.


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