Pigeons and Peacocks

On one of my mad hunts for University I discovered the London College of Fashion. Everything about this website was colourful, creative and a small taster of more to come. Whilst scouting through the website I discovered Pigeons and Peacocks. I was happily surprised by this magazine, as I knew that alot of institutions don’t always practise what they preach.

I sent off for a magazine and within days it found my letterbox. Although my inquisitive dog reached my package before me I was still excited to be the first of my creative friendship group to order the magazine moulded by the minds and talents that roam the LCF corridors. The excitement was uncanny as I ripped open the weighty envelope, I was in love as soon as I glimpsed the front cover…        


I flicked through page after page of raw unadulterated talent in the shape of art, writing, illustrations, photography etc. I felt the urge to be a part of a magazine that was not created for profit, but for the promotion of art and experience. Pigeons and Peacocks encourages art and freedom of speech, independent thought and helps give new, unexperienced visionaries a voice that can actually be heard.

I came into contact with this magazine once again at my LCF open day. I spotted all three issues, there were several lining the tables…I took all three even before I could really read them or grasp their themes or concepts. From then I was attached to the university and more importantly the magazine and after hearing at the open day that anybody can contribute online, I was in my element.

Since that amazing day I have been sending in my writing, poetry and any other literary pieces I can think up, to the Pigeons and Peacocks website. I’ve been hoping and waiting for a response and although they haven’t acknowledged me as yet, I will stay determined in the hopes that soon I will be able to declare myself a Published Peacock before I apply to LCF!

CollegeGirl  xoxo


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