Grunge Glamour ?

This years Autumn collections lined the inside of this months Vogue. As I flicked through the pages, autumn shades, hues and tints flashed past me and I felt a sudden twinge of despair. It dawned on me that July had only just approached and already I was planning my wardrobe for the cold, wet and windy…  Yet there I sat, absorbing all the new Autumn trends and collections as if this was the last thing I would ever read.

I applauded almost every new style I came across, my mind fully open to accepting new and creative ways to dress. From palettes of explosive colours, to Camel coloured coats and Urban Chic Parka’s, I was even open to theatrical capes to cover our bodies in the cold. There were also some familiar faces that I could recall from collections prior to 2010 such as the classic Bohemium look,. However, I was less than excited about a particular collection…

The term ‘Grunge Glamour’ refers to the chaotic mixture of elegant skirts or evening dresses with the casual look of a knitted jumper. I know fashion is an extremley subjective artform, it’s always pushing some kind of boundary and we are all meant to just accept it for what it is…creative. However, there are times where I just can’t do it, and this is my time to reject this messy look, to boldy say, maybe not this time. I just can’t enjoy this mix-matched vision no matter which fashion visionary conjured it up. Slouchy knits I wear in my home or to go to college day in and out and an elegant evening skirt I’ve most probably spent a fortune on are way too distant on the fashion spectrum for the combination to create a collective and fashionable style.


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