3 vital problems and 3 helpful solutions to working every look in the summer sun!

Every summer comes around and although we hate to moan … there are those pet peeves that we just CANNOT stand about the heat! The sun can be kind but lord knows it can be cruel and here are MY tips for surviving in the ‘heat’ of British summer…

Problem 1. Sweaty Shirts

Have you ever stepped out your house in an elegant white dress, top or cardigan feeling fresh with the joys of summer and by the end of the day you’re hot, sticky and frustrated. You lift your arms to the horror that are sweat patches and almost die at the sight…

Solution. 1. Shake…Spray…Smell!

Keep yourself stocked up with spray! Impulse, Sure, Dove, make sure you aren’t caught out. For the best results use Anti-perspirant rather than just Body Spray to actually help fight the sweat but if your caught without either the sweat patches on your summer wardrobe will prevail ruining dresses for summers to come!

Problem 2. Showing too much Skin…

Don’t you just hate stepping out your humble home in your short-shorts, halter neck tops and flip flops, and feeling flustered and uncomfortable in the heat of the day? I for one remember those days where I would spend a good hour choosing a perfect summer outfit showing a good 3/4 of my body only to be disappointed when I reached my bus stop in a state of complete hysteria. Hair a mess, make-up sweaty and sticky, and your whole body feeling as if it’s gone up in flames! Now the hair was my own fault…I was lacking in clips, grips and bobbles most days, but I could have avoided my makeup faux pas and my unbelievable uncomfort if I’d just realised one simple rule!

Solution 2. Be Loose in Linen!

I learnt this valuable lesson when I was holidaying on the Middle Eastern. The weather was reaching heights of 50 degrees and I was burning up in my Primark vests, Topshop shorts and Vintage summer sandals almost everyday…until my wonderful experience in the Emirates Shopping Mall.

 Dubai has this unspoken rule that residents musn’t show too much skin in public places such as the shopping centre I was about to decend upon. My first reaction to this news was cynical as always and extremley skeptical. However, I did as I was instructed and layered my body head to toe in white linen. I was positive that this new get-up would cause me to reach melting point by the time I reached outside the resort…yet as the day progressed the heat seemed to deflect off of me and onto the poor saps who were sweating up a storm in their vests and shorts around me! It was like a bittersweet mirage of several before and afters, me being the cool, calm and collected after shot and the blatant British tourists a hot, sweaty group of unhappy befores.

Take heed when I say that dressing up in Linen and covering your body in the heat of the summer is much more satisfactory to your sweat glands and your stress levels than strolling around exposing almost every bodypart you can see!

Problem 3. Trying to Mix and Match?

Even as I write this common problem I can remember all the times I’ve been late or left the house looking less than suitable because of my lack of  ablility mix and match AND be on time. Sometimes you wake up and you literally have NO idea of what you’re going to throw on for the day, this confusion escalates further until finally you are late for whatever you were getting ready for and you are forced to leave looking a bit MIS-matched more than anything else. Well, I’ve discovered a way around this constant fashion disorganisation, and it works brilliantly everytime I’m in a rush or just stuck on what to wear.

Solution 3. Ye Ol’ Faithful!

In dire situations where I have limited time or resources to get ready, like after-work parties/gatherings and early morning brunches, I’ve found rushing to my wardrobe for what I like to call Old Faithful. Old Faithful is that one dress/outfit that SAVES your butt in times where you really couldn’t imagine yourself in anything else. When time is ticking down and all your ‘good’ clothes are dirty, lost or have accumulated a very strange stain or rip that you’ve never seen before now Old Faithful is waiting for you.

As August approaches its prime holiday time, the rush to be ready, and more importantly ready on time, will be on in nearly every single household. This is where this amazing plan comes into play. You wake up, its almost 3 am and your getting ready to go to the airport…BUT, as usual you woke up late, family is waiting downstairs ready, and they’ve just informed you that the taxi’s on its way…panic?  No, just whip out Ye Ol’ Faithful, pick up your luggage with the utmost grace and elegance and go enjoy your holiday stress free and looking amazing!


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