Where should I go?

So, I have been trying my hardest to find the perfect University and I can only seem to find three that do courses I could see myself taking. I would love to do Fashion Journalism or Magazine Writing at the London College of Fashion or the University of the Creative Arts. They’re both in London so it’s perfect for me in terms of getting into the first hand industry experience because I’m ‘on location’ right? Also, I really have this unending love London anyway so those two were always favourites…but I know I need more than 2 Universities, Southampton is on my list but I don’t know much about the place! (I should REALLY do some research :S)

I’m totally baffled, I’m hoping for some kind of devine intervention … nothing so far ;)! I went for my first Open Day at LCF on Tuesday and I loved it, I wrote a story about it, it’s on my blog if you want to read it, ‘My Encounter at the London College of Fashion.

I loved the place, but I wont make any hasty judgments…if anybody has any advice for me about these three Uni’s or even any others than do courses in Fashion Journalism then I am all ears!




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