We Heart Clemence!

From the dark cringe-worthy comedy of In Bruges to the mystical magic of Harry Potter Clemence Posey has been enchanting audiences with her natural beauty, raw talent and more importantly her classic style. France-born Posey has a classic grunge look about her. She rocks vintage nudes, camel colours and quirky spots and stripes, all implemented with effortless creativity and feminine french flare. … Continue reading

Mixed Feelings for Missoni

As the days become shorter, aeroplanes are flying home and autumn approaches fast, designers begin to reveal the wonders of their A/W collections in very special ways. Italian fashion house Missoni has made a risky decision and has provided its A/W ’10/11 campaign with a very different edge on the other A/W collections I’ve come across so far. … Continue reading

Custo Collection

Over the years Spain has produced many amazing things. We have Spain to thank for a World Cup winning football team, Enrique Iglesias and even those spicy tortilla’s that burn the corners of my mouth, *grrr*, so imagine my pure unexplainable joy when I found this Collection on http://www.sourtang.com/. Custo Barcelona’s Fall Collection was showcased in New York Fashion … Continue reading

Inside My Wardrobe…

Loving my new Zara skirt, and I’m rocking a Marks and Spencer’s silk blouse with it that I bought years ago. I love this outfit, the beige and pale rose contrast perfectly and their both light in the sun keeping yours truly stylish and sweat-free! Inside My Wardrobe…

I Love Zara Sale!

Zara always does me proud. I bought this high-waisted beige skirt in the Zara sale for £10, yes, £10. The only thing is that the buttons are a little loose, but there is nothing a little needle and thread can’t do 😉 x

Cedric Captures Cotillard…

After watching the wonder of Inception last Wednesday I was in awe at Christopher Nolans consistent power to make me lose every inch of my being within his films and this time round, his cast. I was flooded by jealous admiration when I was introduced to the french Academy Award winning Marion Cotillard. Although I had witnessed countless adverts for … Continue reading

China Soon Celebrates…

The sixteenth edition of Vogue has been defining China’s fashion and life-style for the past 5 years and counting, and I could not be happier. Vogue has been influencing the world of fashion for centuries, providing a creative and successful outlet for industry insiders and giving young girls’ pocket money everywhere a purpose. Although many publications … Continue reading

Girl Meets Boy

If anybody, France knows how to blur the lines between feminine and masculine. Their July 2010 Vogue issue exposes the boyish charm within Rachel Zimmerman’s raw sex appeal. With dramatic eyes, edgey leather, punk-style studs and the confident french attitude we all love to hate, androgyny has never looked so chic…

What does the future hold for Freja?

22 year old Danish beauty Freja Beha Erichsen takes modelling to new heights, more specifically out of this world in this editorial spread. Vogue’s March 2010 issue was a portal into the future of fashion and a mirror of the creative distortions of the late Alexander McQueen. When you gaze at these images push confusion far from your mind and … Continue reading


I am overjoyed to tell all my fellow bloggers that blogging on your blackberry is no longer a thing of the future. I am typing like crazy on my blackberry pad as we speak and loving the feeling, I feel so pro-active! Get on your Berries and spread the wordpress 😉 CollegeGirl xoxo